July 3, 2015

Terms & Conditions


  1. The term of the benefits package is a 12-month minimum commitment.
  2. The benefits listed under the scheme only commence after your second instalment has been received and processed.
  3. All our benefit are subject to our fair usage policy.


  • If your subscription is cancelled after receiving or having engaged the firm, the firm will be entitled to charge the client for sums due at the full market rate of the work covered.
  • The full market rate will be based on the time spent and the complexity of the matter for the matter.


  1. The firm is completely independent of Revival Direct Limited and does not warrant or expose itself beyond the benefits conferred on everyone because of the subscription entered.
  2. The firm maintains its independence always, from Revival Direct Limited and reserves the right to refuse benefit services to any member or potential client who behaves or conducts him or herself in a manner deemed unacceptable by the firm. In such circumstances, the client will be refused any benefits under the scheme.
  3. Any payments for coach travel or third party incentives must be taken up with the company and not the firm. The firm does not receive payments for third party services.
  4. The terms and conditions of all third parties will prevail in regards to the service offered.


  1. It is a condition of service, that all travel expenses incurred by the firm, on your behalf to your work place or court are not covered by the scheme. This must be paid separately.
  2. No cash refunds will be issued in the event of a cancellation or cessation of the scheme.
  3. Any credit due will be credit in time or vouchers from the firm


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